Our Motto

"In all things, Christ Pre-eminent." 

Our Mission

The mission of our church is summarized by three phrases surrounding the person and work of Jesus Christ

  • To Know Christ

    We seek to know Christ as Lord and Savior

    • Christ is LORD of our lives as the king of our church and the ruler and authority for our faith and life. 
    • Christ is SAVIOR as the one who gave himself to atone for our sins, redeem us from wickedness, and reconcile us with God the Father.  
  • To Be Like Christ

    We seek to be like Christ in our words and our actions

    • Christ influences our SPEECH as being Himself the truth and calling us to "speak the truth in love." 
    • Christ influences our ACTIONS as the One who perfectly obeyed God's perfect law of love. 
  • To Share Christ

    We seek to share Christ at home and throughout the world

    • Our primary mission field is Platte, South Dakota, where we long for God's kingdom to come. 
    • We send and support workers to bring the gospel to countries like Mexico, Mozambique and elsewhere.